COVID-19 Statement

Dear Pet Family,

With the increasing concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please know that we are doing our best to maintain a safe environment for all our clients and staff. Specifically, we have increased our sanitation efforts throughout the building and the grounds. We ask for your help and support as we navigate this situation. If you have traveled outside the country or cruised recently, please call ahead so we can make arrangements with you to meet you in our driveway when you arrive to drop off or pick-up your pet. That service is always available if you prefer not to get out of your car.

At this time, Sunland Acres will remain open for business. Currently we are keeping the same business hours, but we realize that could change in the weeks and months to come. We will keep our Facebook page updated with our latest information and hours of operation. We are currently taking boarding and daycare reservations and grooming by appointment. On a daily basis, our leadership team is monitoring guidance from reliable sources, including our local health department, CDC, and WHO. The CDC has issued this statement:

There is no reason to think that any animals including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus. To date, CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19. However, since animals can spread other diseases to people, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after being around animals.

With that being said, I would add that just as you can be infected by shaking hands with an infected person, you can pick up germs from your pet’s coat – If—someone with the virus has sneezed/coughed on or near them. So common sense: Keep your pets away from people with symptoms. Wash your hands and wash their coats.

We understand that your plans are subject to change. As always, we are flexible to change dates or cancel reservations at any time. There is never a charge for cancellations.

So, get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine! We look forward to seeing you soon!