Pet Boarding F.A.Q.

We’re ready to answer your questions.  Sunland Acres has been providing high quality boarding and day care for over 40 years.

Not finding enough answers?  Give us a call at 904 287-5246.

Can I tour Sunland Acres and see where my dog will be staying?

Yes, we encourage you to take a tour of Sunland Acres.  We prefer you to make an appointment if possible so that we can be looking for you.  Otherwise feel free to just drop in after 9:00 during regular business hours.

Why should I choose Sunland Acres?

We have an excellent staff that is professionally trained and takes extra special care of our “guests”.

Our facilities are clean and well maintained.  Customers know they can trust us to take good care of their babies. Here are a few of the things they say about us.

  • 90%  would recommend us to a friend
  • Excellent Rating on Google
  • Several positive reviews on Yelp
  • Many trusted Veterinarians recommend and/or use our services
  • We emphasize staff development – Industry certified IPBSA
  • CPR certified trained staff

Do you offer a trial day for boarding?

Yes, we offer a Free trial ½ day for any new boarding client.  The purpose is to let us get to know your dog, and let your dog “sniff around” and get familiar with us and the surroundings.  Usually the dog will then become comfortable with us, knowing it’s going to be fun and pet parents will be returning.

Do you offer early check-ins or late check-outs?  Is there a charge?

On a limited basis, we are often able to accommodate requests for a check-in or check-out outside of regular Lobby hours. These must be scheduled in advance. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are happy to work with you. There is a minimal fee for this extra service that basically covers our additional costs.

What vaccinations do you require?

  • Dogs are required to have Bordetalla, Distemper and Rabies.
  • Cats need only Distemper and Rabies.

What is the bordetella vaccination?

Similar to the human flu shot, it helps protect your dog from getting a “cold” or upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately, just like the human flu shot, the vaccination is not 100% effective and your dog may still become ill from exposure to another dog carrying the virus.

Do you take Senior Pets and provide medication if needed?

Yes, we are partial to seniors.  We embrace any special needs that your pet may have including medications or treatments.  There is no extra charge for these services.

Are you open on Holidays?

We are closed for all major holidays including Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Thanksgiving.   However, we are onsite taking care of our guests.   Some holidays may have limited hours like Sunday open from 4:00pm  – 5:00pm such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  Please check with our office to confirm.

What if my dog’s vaccination records are from a rescue group or shelter?

These records often show proof but don’t tell us how long the vaccinations are good for. We recommend taking your adoption records to your vet’s office to determine when your dog’s vaccinations will expire.

Do you accept puppies? How old does my dog need to be to come to Sunland Acres?

Yes, we love puppies! We prefer that your dog be at least 16-weeks of age, has been in your care for at least 10 days, and it needs to have current vaccinations (age appropriate) including Bordetella and Rabies.

If my dog is not neutered or spayed, can he/she still come for boarding or day care?

Yes, we do allow in tact dogs since everyone is kept in separate sections and play only through the fencing and across the hallways.

Is your pet camp safe for small dogs?  Why do you call it a camp?

Yes, most definitely. Our smaller guests also have the option of staying inside their room, or stepping outside into the fresh air and sunshine (weather permitting).  Frequently they enjoy lounging on the doorway inside, and watching what is going on outside.  We call it a camp because it features the benefits of nature and the wonderful outdoors!

Do you provide outdoor play areas and outdoor walks?

Yes, every room is attached to a private outdoor run from 10 to 30 feet long. We allow playing and running together with each dog in his own space. In addition to that, by request, we provide private walks in the safe area which surrounds the runs on each side of the building.  We do not have a group playtime for dogs to have direct contact with each other.

Can my dogs stay together in the same room for boarding or daycare?

Yes, family members can stay together in the same room as long as everybody stays happy.  If it becomes necessary to separate them we will relocate them next door to each other.  The rate is the same either way.