Boarding Services

  • Dog Boarding: $28.00 Per Day
  • Cat Boarding: $20.00 Per Day
  • Small Animal Boarding: $15.00 Per Day
  • Check in any time during business hours
  • Check out time is before noon each week day
  • After Noon, daily rate will apply

Come by for a Tour of the Facilities.

Check out our 2 Acre Pet Camp and let your dog experience the great outdoors!  Guests can stay inside a climate controlled building, or outside in the Fresh Air.

We will show you where your pet can hang out and make new friends.

All rooms include doggie door to private runs 10’ to 30’ long. Dogs are located near each other by size and temperament.

Daily walks available in the Safe Zone by request.

Multiple Room Sizes Available

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large